Top 10 Best Kanyakumari Beach Tourism Attractions

Top 10 best Kanyakumari beach Tourism (Coastal Tourism) Attractions

Kanyakumari beach

Kanyakumari District has breath taking beautiful beaches. The blues of the sky and the blue waters of the beaches come together to take away your blues. The swaying coconut palms and the sand add to the holiday mood. Take a plunge into swimming the most relaxing water activity that can be pursued here. The sun bathing is also another attraction for the sun starved tourists. The beaches here are just the right place for fun and frolic either for a family holiday or a long excursion. Besides Kanyakumari beach Tourism, Vattakottai beach, Chotthavilai beach, Muttom beach, Thekkurichi beach and Thengapattinam beach and Colachel beach are our tourist attractions.

Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari Beach Tourism has a fine beach landscape with sands of myriad colours. From the beautiful beach, one can simultaneously witness the glorious sight of the sun rising up in the east and the sun setting in the west, on a full moon day with the moon rising up in the East.

Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, where the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal confluence. It is a rare scene in the world. A dip at the confluence point of the three seas is considered holy.

Vattakottai Beach

Adjacent to the Vattakottai fort, there is a beautiful beach. From the fort, we get very good view of the sea. The beach is a very good place to spend the evening with family and friends.

Chotthavilai Beach

Chotthavilai Beach is about 10km from Kanyakumari and one of the best natural beaches of the district. The beach has shallow water and high sand dunes on the back ground. There are rest shelters, huts and a view tower over here for the benefit of tourists. The tourists can reach the beach through the newly laid coastal road which is a very beautiful drive along the sea coast.

Changuthurai Beach

Changuthurai is a beautiful beach resort and is very convenient for the local population of Nagercoil. It is only about 10 km from the town. A children’s park, seating facility, open huts (Kudils) with Terracotta roofs and lighting facilities are available.

Kovalam Beach (Sunset Point)

Kovalam beach near Kanyakumari is recently developed with good road. It is very clean and free from pollution.

Muttom Beach

The famous beach at Muttom is located about 16km from Nagercoil and 32km from Kanyakumari Beach Tourism. Muttom is famous for its beautiful landscaping and high rocks dipping into the sea at the beach side. The sun set view point at Muttom is one of the most panoramic view points in the district. Another attraction of Muttom is the century old light house built by the British. However, so far this beautiful beach has always been unsafe for the tourists since the rocks on which tourists go to see the sea view are slippery and a number of fatal accidents have occurred over the past few years. Protective stainless steel fencing is established across the entire dangerous areas.

Thekkurichi Beach

It is located near Rajakkamangalam Thurai. The amazing Arbian Sea, the golden glowing sands and the coconut canopies- all come together as a package for the picture perfect holiday. A swim or bath here is rejuvenation and relaxation for the wondrous waves on one’s face.

Thengapattinam Beach

It is another beautiful beach of Kanyakumari District. It is a very good place for water sports and other aqua tourism activities. There is a possibility to establish a mangrove plantation in the estuarine area.

Colachel Beach

Colachel Beach is a natural harbor. The depth of the water is estimated to be nearly 20 ft. Since ancient days, ships visit this port regularly for transporting materials pertaing to trade and other international transactions. Even sea voyagers embarked on their journey to countries through this harbor. Huge project is being prepared by the govt. to employ this port for higher utility and greater benefits in the form of international port at Enayam near Colachel. The Colachel port is also serving as an important fishing harbor. Serene View of Sunset can be watched at Colachel Beach. In the event of the recent move for establishing a full-fledged international port at Enayam, the aforesaid Colachel Beach and its premises which are ideally suited for converting in to eco tourism may be considered for giving livelihood security to the local inhabitants.

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